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10 Tips To Keep Your Restaurant’s Refrigerator in Good Shape

As a restaurant owner, your freezer is one of your most important investments. Therefore, you should be proactive about restaurant refrigeration repair and maintenance practices. You can’t run your restaurant without a proper functioning refrigerator. Here are the tips to keep your Fort Lauderdale restaurant’s refrigerator in good shape.

1. Keep the Door Closed

You might not think this would be an issue, but you’d be surprised how often staff members leave the door to the refrigerator open. This causes higher energy bills and warmer temperatures inside the fridge.

2. Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are located on the back of the fridge, and they help to remove heat from inside the refrigerator. These coils can become dusty, reducing their effectiveness. With commercial refrigeration repair service specialists in Fort Lauderdale can easily clean the coils and keep them clear of dust.

3. Check the Door Seals

If the seal isn’t snug against the door, cold air can escape, which raises the temperature inside the refrigerator and causes food to spoil. Hiring commercial refrigeration repair in Fort Lauderdale can check and repair door seals.

4. Monitor the Temperature

The ideal temperature for a refrigerator is between 32 and 40 degrees. If the temperature is set too low, food can freeze, and if it’s set too high, food can spoil. Restaurant refrigeration repair has been effective in helping people to monitor and maintain the correct temperature for their fridges., keeping their food fresh and great-tasting.

5. Defrost the Freezer Regularly

If you have a freezer in your fridge, it’s crucial to defrost it regularly. This helps to prevent ice buildup, which reduces the freezer’s efficiency. Ice buildup can even cause the freezer to stop working. A commercial refrigeration repair service can help defrost your freezer.

6. Keep an Eye on the Gaskets

Gaskets can become damaged, which can cause cold air to escape. If you notice that the gaskets on your fridge are damaged, it’s crucial to replace them. A professional refrigerator repair in Fort Lauderdale like Complete Commercial Repair can help you to replace the gaskets.

7. Replace Filters

Filters should be replaced every six months. Replacing the filters will help to keep the air inside your fridge clean and free of impurities. Specialists in commercial refrigeration repair in Fort Lauderdale can assist you in replacing the filters.

8. Clean the Interior Regularly

It’s essential to keep the interior of your fridge clean. It helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria. You should clean the interior of your fridge with mild detergent and warm water at least once a day.

9. Organize Your Food

If you don’t organize your food correctly, it can cause the air to circulate poorly, leading to warmer temperatures inside the fridge. Organizing your food will help to keep your fridge cooler and prevent food from spoiling.

10. Keep the Fridge Free of Clutter

Unnecessary things like boxes, papers, and miscellaneous supplies left in the fridge can block the vents, which can cause the refrigerator to work harder and lead to higher energy bills. It can also cause the temperature inside the fridge to rise, which can spoil food.

Following these tips will help extend your fridge’s lifespan and prevent food from spoiling. If you have any questions about refrigerator maintenance, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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