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5 Components of a Walk-in Cooler That Wear Out Easily 

Walk-in coolers tend to see quite a bit of damage, primarily due to wearing out of components. It’s important to understand what types of things could be damaged most often, so you can find ways to prevent those issues and handle damage claims more efficiently. Here are the most common components that get damaged in walk-in coolers. 


If a fan fails, it will run all day long until it burns out and leaves you with an expensive repair bill. Fan motors have been known to cost as much as $100 each, not including labor. And forget about finding an exact replacement: Depending on how often you use your cooler, you may need to replace your fan every couple of years to avoid repairs. 


The compressor is one of two major components in a walk-in cooler, along with the condenser. The compressor compresses vapor from refrigerant and pushes it through copper tubing to liquidize. After being pushed into a second loop, it releases cool refrigerant throughout your walk-in. If yours goes out, you’ll need to replace it right away, as keeping food cold will become impossible until you do so. Contact Complete Commercial Repair for commercial air conditioning repair in Pompano Beach. 


When walk-ins were first invented, fluorescent light bulbs were thought to be a great fit. Unfortunately, these lights take up too much space and produce a lot of heat. LED lights last longer and don’t produce nearly as much heat. As an added bonus, they often pay for themselves within a year, thanks to their low energy consumption.  

Of course, there’s one more component to consider when it comes to lights: bulbs. Sometimes you need to replace your bulbs with something stronger or newer; if so, be sure you factor all of these items into your budget. Try purchasing energy-efficient models because they come with slightly higher initial prices but will save you money in operating costs over time. 

Electrical Panels 

When electrical panels start to go out, it’s best to be proactive. Electrical panels can malfunction and stop working completely at any time. They can also spark and start a fire, which can quickly cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. If you notice your power acting up, it may be time to replace your electrical panel. It’s advisable to contact an electrician specializing in commercial refrigeration repair in Fort Lauderdale. 

Computerized Temperature Controls 

A computerized temperature control system will integrate a series of sensors within your walk-in cooler to monitor food temperatures. If anything is out of place, or if there’s a problem with your cooling unit, then an alarm will sound. Computers can notify you by text message or email, alerting you to a potential problem before it escalates into something major. The same sensor systems can track refrigeration performance, from how often condensation forms on walls to how well food is maintained in its proper temperature zone. 


Now that you know the components that might wear out in your walk-in cooler, you can ensure they’re well maintained to increase their lifespan. Contact Complete Commercial Repair for commercial air conditioning repair in Pompano Beach and commercial refrigeration repair in Fort Lauderdale. 

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