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Here at Complete Commercial Repair, we offer air conditioning maintenance in Pompano Beach and throughout South Florida. Proper air conditioning maintenance can help eliminate untimely AC breakdowns and cut down on unwanted repair costs. We recommend air conditioning maintenance services to all of our clients, both commercial and residential, in order to help them avoid future problems and repair costs. Our AC maintenance services can help keep any air conditioning system in top condition and at peak performance.

Our expert technicians utilize the latest tools and technological advancements to perform diagnostic and performance tasks to analyze the efficiency of any air conditioning unit. When problems are detected, our repair and maintenance services help ensure that they are not allowed to grow into larger issues that will require more extensive and potentially expensive repairs later on. Our air conditioning maintenance services in Pompano Beach include:

hvac worker install ducted pipe system
Checking for loose wiring connections. A loose wiring connection can cause damage to other essential components of an AC system.
Testing motors for proper airflow and lubricating them on an as needed basis. If a blower motor is not operating properly, it can negatively affect the efficiency of the entire AC system. Lubricating the motors of an AC unit is essential for a safely functioning air conditioning system.
Cleaning and flushing the condensate pan and drain. Clogged drain lines can cause leaks, so it is extremely important that they remain clean at all times.
Ensuring proper voltage. Improper voltage can cause damage to an air conditioning system’s compressor.
Testing and cleaning the evaporator coil and condenser coil. If the evaporator coil of an AC system is dirty, it can lead to inefficient operation and an increase in utility bills, and a dirty condenser coil can wear down the system’s compressor prematurely.
Testing the system for proper cooling and heating operation. If an air conditioning system has any malfunctioning parts, the entire system can become inefficient, causing high utility bills and possible breakdowns.
With the proper air conditioning maintenance in Pompano Beach, any air conditioner can operate effectively and efficiently. Air conditioning maintenance can even extend the longevity of an air conditioning system. If you are interested in learning more about how air conditioning maintenance can help extend the life and performance of your AC system, please give us a call at +1 (954) 782-7778. We look forward to providing you with high quality air conditioning maintenance in Pompano Beach!

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