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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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Please contact us for a personalized answer anytime. We’ll get back to you within one business day.

Are there any other incentives I should be aware of?
Yes, we're an authorized dealer for many manufacturers who offer different coupons, deals or rebates on their systems.
Should I use my tax credit to upgrade my system?
This tax credit was developed to encourage homeowners to install higher efficiency heating and cooling systems, but you should consider these facts before deciding: Is your current system nearing or older than its average lifespan? A system that is 15 years old is probably costing you more than you realize in utility and energy costs. How much longer will you be in your home? If you think you will be living in your home for a few more years, it probably makes sense to replace it with a high efficiency system. This will also increase the value of your home when you sell it!
How do I know if my new system qualifies?
Contact us for more information regarding specific systems. Once you choose the eligible tax credit system that's right for you, we provide you with a verification certificate.
How do I claim my Federal tax credit?
Contact your tax professional for more details and specific instructions.
Do you offer evening or weekend service?
Yes. We make our appointments convenient for our customers. Please call us at 1-888-TWO-KOOL to schedule a convenient time.
How do I know what kind of system I need?
If you are considering installing a central air conditioning or heating system you will want to consider efficiency ratings, cost of system as well as the cost of maintaining it. Remember, central air conditioning and heating systems always increase the value of your home. Email us for details and our experts will be happy to give you a free, professional, no obligation estimate.
How long does it take to install a system?
On average, once the equipment is delivered, an in-house installation will take approximately 4 to 8 hours. Commercial installations may take longer depending upon the size of the system.
What is R410a?
R410a is the earth friendly "green" coolant that is replacing Freon. Beginning in 2010 Federal law will require that Freon will no longer be produced. Complete Commercial Repair has been ahead of this environmental curve and has been using R410a for more than a decade.

What does your Money Back Guarantee cover?
Our money back guarantee covers all Trane equipment sold and installed by us.
Do you offer financing?
Yes. Special promotional financing options change from time to time. When available, six month's same as cash financing is available to all qualified consumers. Simply email us for information and details about the latest promotional offers.
How do I know when it’s time to replace my system?
By following these simple guidelines, you can estimate whether or not fixing vs. repairing is the right decision. On average the lifetime of an air conditioning unit is 10-15 yrs a furnace is 15-20 yrs. However, these are guidelines. If a unit has been repaired several times, or has had higher than average wear, then even if it's before the average lifetime of a typical system, it might make sense to replace it. Some systems can cost just $3000 to replace, so if you take into account the age of the system plus the cost of a repair at $500, it probably makes more sense just to replace it.
How do I know if my system is not working properly?
Is it starting to make noises? Is it cooling and/or heating all areas of the house sufficiently? Have your utility bills gone up for no apparent reason? Has it been taking longer to cool down or heat up the space? Any of these are signs that you may need service to avert any further serious damage to your system as well as keep your home or business comfortable for the people and pets in it.
What is a SEER rating?
SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the system is and the less it will cost in the long run to own and operate it.
Do I need a maintenance agreement?
Maintenance agreements are an easy and inexpensive way to protect your home, your family or your business from sudden failure of your system. You always want to be sure that your system is up and running when you need it on that first hot or cold day of each season! With our maintenance agreements, you'll enjoy twice yearly annual season tune-ups and as a maintenance customer you receive discounts on parts as well.
How much does a service agreement cost?
Annual service agreements start at just $125.00 per year, per unit. A very inexpensive way to protect your system from sudden failure and discomfort when the seasons change.

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