Get Up & Running, Count on Our Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Fort Lauderdale!

At Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. we’ve been developing a full range of services for your every need. Our excellent service and repairs aren’t limited to the residential AC realm. The company you trust to repair your HVAC system can also repair your commercial refrigerator! Commercial refrigerators undergo a lot of stress in the commercial restaurant and hospitality industries. When your refrigerator goes down, your whole business can grind to a halt. We’re here to provide your complete satisfaction with commercial refrigerator repair in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities.

One of the most important factors in a trustworthy repair company is experience and knowledgeability. Commercial refrigeration systems can be more complicated than the processes of running a restaurant itself. Chances are, you’re already overwhelmed with the operations and mechanisms regarding your business. Your refrigeration system is probably the thing furthest from your mind. That is, until the system breaks down. When your system is in disrepair, the last thing you want to worry about is how experienced your repair company may be. Here at Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. our team has been working in the HVAC and refrigeration repair industry since 1982! We have the experience and extensive knowledge needed to approach your unique refrigeration repair in Fort Lauderdale. No system or problem is too big for our team!

In addition to exceptional refrigeration repairs, we’re skilled in new system installation and implementation. We can redesign components of an existing system to increase efficiency. Some systems may need a complete overhaul, which is less daunting with the expert guidance of or professionals. We can create custom installations of various refrigeration systems. At Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. we can fix and install any refrigeration system in Fort Lauderdale including:

  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Water-cooled air condition
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Replacement walk-in doors
  • Rack system installations
  • Walk-in design and build
  • Walk-in relocations
  • Ice makers from 100lbs to 20,000lbs

We take our title of Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. seriously! We strive to provide services that complete the needs of your commercial systems. Our technicians recognize that by providing complete service, you’re able to drive revenues of core operations for your own business.

Our highly trained technicians are licensed and insured. They work with parts that are often readily available and even offer customized pricing for various parts from light commercial to heavy industrial. With our help, your maintenance and repairs can be a simple matter of planning, design and fabrication. One call to Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. does it all! We work to provide 24 hour service and upfront troubleshooting solutions. If you’re in need of commercial refrigeration repair, service or installation, trust the company with complete dedication to quality repairs and exceptional customer services. Give us a call at (954) 782-7778 today!