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Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

How you feel depends on several factors. They include your weight, if you smoke or drink, and if you have breathing issues like asthma. The risk of potential health problems exists when you spend time in an indoor space with poor air quality. Here’s some advice to improve what you breathe.

How Does Poor Air Quality Occur Indoors?

There are a few reasons why poor air quality happens indoors. For instance, your roof could have exposed seams or missing shingles. These spaces let in dust and debris from the outside that filters into a building’s air circulation system. So, if pollen filters through during allergy season, you’re prone to attacks in your home or office.

Dirty air filters are also a cause of poor indoor air quality in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Usually, homeowners are asked to replace these items every 30 to 60 days to keep the air clean. Dirty filters cause particulates to flow through the house. In addition, those without any space to clean the air cause HVAC components to freeze in the summer, thus causing more quality issues.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality Via The Roof

The first thing to do is perform an air quality audit in your home or business. Check the roof for any openings and HVAC units for dirty air filters. Also, examine your vents to see if dirt has accumulated in those areas.

If there are visible issues with the roof, contact roofing experts in Fort Lauderdale FL to help you. Technicians will do a thorough examination of the structure and determine the proper repairs. Plus, they’ll check to see if the air circulation system is affected due to loose flashing.

For a custom roof in Fort Parkland FL, contact specialists. Since these structures are specialized, you want to work with the company that performed the initial installation. If they aren’t available, contact roof repair Fort Parkland FL with knowledge of the custom materials used in its construction.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Although your roof can be the culprit of poor air quality, the main suspect is your HVAC unit. Sometimes, filter replacements and vent cleaning don’t work because the entire air filtration systems in Fort Parkland, FL homes get clogged with dirt and debris. The way to address this is with a thorough cleaning of the ducts, filters, and all other components. It requires a team of professionals to install industrial vacuums in the system. At the task’s completion, your air ducts should be free of most particulates that caused previous health issues. Needless to say, you don’t want to breathe dirty air. So, work with professionals as soon as possible to rectify the situation. We’re your go-to if you need any work on your custom roof in Fort Parkland FL. If you need help with your HVAC unit, contact the staff at Coastal Energy Water and Air to get your air filtration systems in Fort Parkland, FL running smoothly again. They’ll set up an appointment to examine your home or business.

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