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Keep Your Business Running with Quality Refrigeration 

To ensure a smooth business process, foodservice businesses seek the latest ways to meet new health and safety guidelines. They assist in preserving ingredients at ideal storage conditions, keeping food and beverages cold at suitable consumption temperatures, etc.  

Small but significant modifications to refrigeration systems can reduce energy waste, lower overhead costs, and boost overall performance. Here’s how you can keep your business running with quality refrigeration.  

Commercial refrigerators are nothing like residential refrigerators. They are made to perform in a busy commercial setting or an intense kitchen environment. Known for their durability, it will keep all your items protected and fresh.  

Keep your business running with quality refrigeration by adopting these practices: 

A Well Cleaned Interior  

The items you store in the refrigerator will only be germ-free and fresh when the inside of the refrigerator is clean and scrubbed adequately. Remove any dirt, grease, etc., by using anti-bacterial cleaners. It will help keep the interior as safe and hygienic as possible for the next few days. Make this a weekly process to ensure quality refrigeration.  

Dirt-free Coils  

The coils are essential for the refrigerator to cool and condense the refrigerant. They allow the refrigerator to keep the air inside at the ideal temperature. It is recommended to clean the coil every three months. When the coils have not been cleaned for a while, they get clogged and cannot release heat proficiently. This causes the compressor to work twice as much and utilize more energy.  

Secured Door Liners  

Keeping an airtight seal around the doors is crucial to maintain the cooling. If there is even a slight chance of the air escaping, it will require immense energy to keep the storage inside cool throughout the day. If you feel like the air from the inside is escaping, get a gasket specific for your refrigerator door. It will save you time and the cost of acquiring new food supplies.  

Unblock Air Filters 

It is necessary to keep things in order. Dust and grease can build up in air filters, especially in restaurants, as they are constantly running and cater to many people. Ensure to clean them thoroughly once a week and get all the grease from the fryers out of the air filters so that there are no issues of air blockage. 

Check Drain Pipes and Tubes 

Excess sludge or water can get into the mechanical systems, freeze up the unit, and cause significant damage. It is crucial to clean up your drain pans along with all the system tubes, so there are no chances of buildup.  

Keep the Machinery Dry 

The most common threat to your cooling unit is getting water in the machinery. It will cause your unit to freeze and damage the interior workings of your commercial unit. It is necessary to keep everything dirt-free and dry so that your system runs smoothly and you get quality refrigeration. 

Once you adopt these practices, you will extend the life of your refrigeration system. It will help you in delivering excellent services to your customers. It will reduce the cost of emergency repairs. When you maintain your system over time, it will not require much upkeep in the long run. It will improve the safety and quality of the food, which is the highest priority. Nobody wants to serve their customers perished food and cause damage to their reputation. It will help save energy. Preventative maintenance will allow you to detect issues early.  

If you’re searching for a refrigeration repair in Fort Lauderdale or commercial refrigeration repair, Pompano Beach, FL, Complete Commercial Repair has quality-first ACE-certified experts available 24/7. They have been a proud member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America – visit their website or call them at (954)-782-7778 today! 

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