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    Ready Reset 2x

    Ready Reset 2x was developed by the experts at Complete Commercial Repair to solve the problem of resetting water-cooled air conditioner units in high-rise buildings. 

    When home and business owners leave Florida for the hot summer months, there isn’t anyone around to reset the A/C unit. It’s important that an A/C unit run on occasion to ward off the mold and mildew which can grow in hot and humid climates. The Ready Reset 2x is a safe and reliable way to reset your air conditioning unit so you won’t have to worry when you’re away for long periods of time.

    Manual resets are a thing of the past when you have Ready Reset 2x from Complete Commercial Repair, a leader in Pompano Beach A/C repair and service.

    Ready Reset 2x can solve a number of common problems:
    Cooling tower maintenance
    Water pump failures
    Riser repair
    Water supply outage
    Momentary power interruptions that can cause your compressor to short cycle

    The Ready Reset 2x system protects your AC from short cycling due to power interruption or other problem. It also adds a second layer of protection to the unit’s safety controls. All of this allows for reduced maintenance and part costs in a very easy to use system. Ready Reset is mounted on the outside of your air handler so that you can see the LED lights. This will allow you to self-diagnose your device, which in turn will help you to determine some of the common problems. The green light means that everything is working fine while the red light indicates that the system is in reset mode.

    You can pay someone to continually run your air conditioner when you’re not there, or you can take advantage of the Ready Reset 2x technology now available from your local Fort Lauderdale A/C service professionals at Complete Commercial Repair. You don’t need any special electrical permits and it can be operated without needing adjustments or pressing buttons.

    Contact the Ready Reset 2x team at Complete Commercial Repair today at 1-888-TWO-KOOL to get your high-rise air conditioning reset system today!

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