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Refrigeration On the Go-Trucks and Vehicles with Refrigeration

Vehicles with refrigeration and air conditioning have been common for some time now, primarily utilized in the restaurant and biopharmaceutical industries. Refrigerated and insulated trucks are multipurpose, which help transport various goods, including foods that require a cold environment. They are very crucial to supply chain logistics, and any wrong move can bring severe damage to your goods, shipments, and overall business. Hence, it is necessary to conduct regular cleaning, check-ups, and refrigeration repairs.   

Keep on reading to learn more about vans and trucks with refrigeration, their uses, and maintenance requirements.  

Uses of Refrigerated Vehicles 

Many companies employ trucks and vehicles with refrigeration for the following specific uses: 

Food Delivery 

One of the most important functions of refrigerated vans and trucks is to keep the food fresh during delivery, such as meat, vegetables, seafood, fruits, etc. Many states’ standard health guidelines also require the use of refrigerated vehicles for transporting specific food.  

Refrigerated vehicles also ensure that goods like ice cream and cold drinks stay cold as they are supposed to. In fact, the distribution of cold products via refrigerated vans, especially in summers, is more extensive.  

Special Drugs Delivery 

Refrigerated trucks are used to ensure the efficacy of many drugs, such as pharmaceuticals. They have strict requirements for storage and must be kept in low temperatures even while transporting. 

Chemical Goods Delivery 

Special items like biochemical industry materials require cold temperature in order to maintain their efficiency, which is achieved through cool insulated trucks.  

Preserved Goods Delivery 

Another relatively small use is the delivery of specific goods that require short-term preservation.  

Maintenance of Refrigerated Vehicles 

If you or your company owns several refrigerated vehicles, it is essential to provide them with the necessary maintenance. Because if any of them fails, it will damage your goods and shipments. We understand that preventing every issue might be out of your control, but there are some measures you can take to ensure that your trucks do not face many mechanical problems. 

To help you, here are some tips for maintaining refrigerated vehicles: 

Regular Cleaning and Disinfection 

Make sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect your truck after every delivery. If you transport a wide variety of goods, there are greater chances for cross-contamination. So, we recommend you wash it with a heavy-duty cleaning agent, scrape any tough stains, and disinfect every surface. Do let air in so it completely dries; otherwise, a moist environment can be detrimental to your goods or truck interior.  

Maintaining a Cool Temperature 

Maintaining a cool temperature in your refrigerated vehicle is a given, but you have to make sure that it is not only cool but even as well. Uneven cooling can spoil food and other goods and compromise the truck’s interior.  

Regular Inspection  

The vehicle driver must be trained to inspect the trucks before and after every use. They should check the truck for any wall damage, temperature control, fluid levels, tire pressure, airflow, ventilating system, etc.  

However, a driver cannot do an in-depth inspection, and that’s why you need to get your trucks professionally inspected and repaired. A professional repair and maintenance service will have complete knowledge about cooling systems, air chutes, compressors, etc., and assist you better with your refrigeration repairs.  

Complete Commercial Repair- Making Refrigeration On-the-Go A Smooth Process 

Are your refrigerated trucks in need of maintenance and repair? Complete Commercial Repair is at your service! We are a team of highly trained technicians providing commercial and customized residential services. We have been imparting air conditioning excellence for the past 30 years, ensuring that our staff stays on top of ever-changing technology and manufacturing processes so that our customers are 100% satisfied.  

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