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Risks Associated With HVAC Ducts Running Under the Floors of Your Home

Do you have HVAC ducts running beneath your floors? It is an increasingly popular option as it alleviates air-flow issues and prevents space from being taken up in the ceilings. However, there are serious risks associated with having this type of setup, and understanding them is essential. This blog post will discuss the five key risks associated with putting HVAC ducts under floorboards.

1. Ductwork Can Be a Fire Hazard

HVAC ducts underneath your home’s floors can be a serious fire hazard. Technicians who do HVAC repair in Pompano Beach recommend owners take into account this risk and take necessary safety measures. HVAC ducts carry heating and cooling while they run under the floors, meaning that dust particles collected over time are exposed to different temperatures.

These dust particles can become combustible and spark a flame when it finds an open source. Crews that do HVAC repair in Pompano Beach crew reiterates that if HVAC ducts are installed properly, without any compromises on materials, there is a lower risk of sparks occurring, reducing the chance of fires.

2. Ductwork Can Leak Harmful Gases

HVAC ducts running under the floor of your home, whether new or existing HVAC installation, can be highly dangerous and present potential risks to you and your family’s safety. HVAC ducts are not impervious to containment issues, as they may leak hazardous gases or accumulate dust particles that can spread throughout the house.

If left exposed and unaccounted for, HVAC ducts running under floors can be a serious health risk and should be inspected by a professional HVAC technician regularly. Avoid the risks associated with HVAC ducts running under your home’s flooring by planning their installation before any HVAC services are performed.

3. Ductwork Can Harbor Mold and Other Contaminants

The air conditioning ducts running through your home can be a potential source of contaminants. If these ducts run along or under floors, they can harbor mold, dust, and other particles that could risk your family’s health. 

You can address this issue most effectively by contacting AC repair experts knowledgeable about HVAC systems and how best to keep them clean or install them to minimize the risks associated with such contaminants. Doing so will help reduce any health risks and significantly improve the efficiency of the heating and cooling system for your peace of mind.

4. Risk of the Ducts Collapsing

AC repair experts know that an HVAC duct running beneath the floors of a home can be vulnerable to collapsing, as an unfortunate but common result of shifts in the foundation or house structure due to settling. Many AC repair professionals suggest that HVAC installations include something that allows for adjustment in case the foundation changes over time.

 However, suppose the duct becomes compromised, and its support is insufficient to keep it from eventually collapsing. In that case, AC repair experts should be called upon for installation duties at once to get the duct off the floor and properly support it. 

5. Ductwork Can Be Damaged by Flooding

Homeowners must consider the HVAC ducts running beneath the floors when dealing with various risks. Flooding is a particularly dangerous risk that can cause incredible damage to these ducts. When left for too long in flood waters, the ductwork can ultimately be destroyed and require expensive repair.

Therefore, homeowners must take appropriate steps to protect their HVAC systems from flood damage. For example, they can consult a reliable company that does HVAC repair in Pompano Beach to help address any issues. By taking the right measures, homeowners can ensure that their HVAC systems stay safe even during flooding and other potential risks.

Ducts that run underneath the floors of your home can pose several risks to your family’s safety. If you have HVAC ducts on your floor, it’s important to be aware of these dangers and take steps to mitigate them. With some knowledge and basic precautions, you can protect your family from harm.Contact Complete Commercial Repair for high quality AC repair.

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