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    Air conditioning service maintenance

    Commercial AC & Refrigeration Services in Pompano Beach

    For your COMPLETE satisfaction!
    We provide a full range of services to meet your every need. It is our priority to solve every problem or challenge promptly to assure your business eliminates equipment downtime. Our business starts with focusing on your business, everything from light commercial to heavy industrial, including simple repairs and service calls to major redesigns and extensive installations. We are here to provide COMPLETE satisfaction so that you can focus on driving revenues of your core operations.

    Need Parts?

    Most parts are readily available. Contact us today to check our current inventory and customized pricing. We can provide various parts from light commercial to heavy industrial.

    Complete Commercial Repair provides technology that makes maintenance a simple matter of planning, design, and fabrication.

    Some of our many services include:

    Walk-in Coolers & Freezers
    Water-cooled Air Conditioning
    Refrigerated Warehouses
    Replacement Walk-in Doors
    Rack System Installations
    Walk-in Design and Build
    Walk-in Relocations
    Ice Makers from 100 lbs to 20,000 lbs

    Air Conditioning:

    New Installations
    From mini-splits to large
    Duct Design
    Duct Installation
    Spiral Duct
    Flex, all types
    silver steel on a roof

    Keeping things cool is important all throughout Fort Lauderdale, but it’s especially vital for businesses in the area. Whether you’re running an office or a retail store, you need to keep everything cool to keep employees and customers comfortable. So, when your air conditioner has started having problems, you need the best and fastest solutions. At Complete Commercial Repair, Inc., we offer the best air conditioner service in Fort Lauderdale for systems of all shapes and sizes. Commercial systems are our specialty!


    Who Can Fix My Commercial AC in Fort Lauderdale?

    When your AC is facing issues, you may be nervous about getting things back in order. But not to worry, our team at Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. can fix many AC issues with our air conditioner service in Fort Lauderdale. In fact, we can fix a wide range of air conditioning issues for both residential and commercial systems.


    At Complete Commercial Repair, Inc., we offer the best air conditioner service and repairs in Fort Lauderdale. With our air conditioner services, your systems can stay in working order, helping you to enjoy nice cool air year-round. Some of our more popular services include:


      • Filtration Maintenance

      • Troubleshooting

      • Motor Repairs

      • Routine Preventative Care

      • Part Replacement

    We offer a full range of AC repair and maintenance procedures at Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. Whether you’re looking to schedule service for a commercial system or a smaller residential system, we can provide the best solutions!


    Why choose Complete Commercial Repair, Inc.?

    When you’re looking for the very best air conditioner service in Fort Lauderdale, you can count on our experts at Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. We provide the best air conditioner service for businesses and residences as well. Our team stands apart from the rest, providing:


      • Honest Pricing

      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantees

      • 24/7 Emergency Services

      • Authorized Dealer for Top Brands

      • Licensed & Insured

      • Over 25 Years of Experience

    At Complete Commercial Repair, Inc., we bring the utmost expertise to our air conditioner service in Fort Lauderdale. We offer round-the-clock support and quick service times to make the most of your repairs.

    One call does it all, 24 hour service and upfront trouble-shooting solutions.

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