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    Refrigeration Pompano Beach

    Businesses, homes and buildings depend on quality refrigeration service on a daily basis. Whether it’s restaurants, hospitals, schools or supermarkets, refrigeration is the lifeblood of many businesses and service industries. Complete Commercial Repair in Pompano Beach has been providing South Florida with quality refrigeration service, maintenance and installation for more than 30 years.

    When most people hear the word refrigeration, they immediately think of the giant appliance in their home which keeps their food cool. But refrigeration involves much more than just keeping your food safe from bacteria.


    By lowering temperatures, refrigeration allows food to be stored in a space for days and even months.


    Trucks and vehicles with refrigeration units can transport food and goods to far off destinations.

    Improved Quality

    Industries such as supermarkets and meat packing plants require refrigeration to improve the quality of manufacturing by maintaining temperatures at cool levels.

    Our highly-trained ACE-certified technicians understand the importance of refrigeration service to your home and business. Complete Commercial Repair can provide maintenance and installation of food equipment, ice machines, and cooling towers along with electric and gas food equipment. Keep your business cool and running smoothly.


    Call Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. in Pompano Beach today at +1 (954) 782-7778 .

    Call Complete Commercial Repair, in Pompano Beach today at (954) 782-7778

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