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Six Benefits Of An Automatic Air Conditioner Reset Remote

Air conditioning is incredibly important in Florida. Not only does it keep interior areas cool, but it also minimizes the harmful effects of excessive humidity. So, when it fails, HVAC repair in Pompano Beach is required. If it continually happens in your high-rise property, then you need to consider a way that automatically resets operations. 

What is the Ready Reset 2X 

The Ready Reset 2X was created to provide an automated HVAC solution for water-cooled AC units. These are generally utilized in high-rise buildings to restart the cooling process when occupants aren’t available for restarts. 

Why is the Ready Reset 2X Needed? 

Not everyone in the Pompano Beach area stays in their apartments or condos during the entire year. So, if the air conditioner isn’t run on occasion, then the risk of mold and mildew growth increases. The Ready Reset 2X minimizes the need for HVAC Repair Pompano Beach techs to come out and manually restart systems. 

Benefits of the Ready Reset 2X 

There are several benefits to the Ready Reset 2X. As mentioned, it’s an automated HVAC unit. Once installed it adds an extra level of protection to your air conditioner. Thus, it prevents issues like short cycling due to power controls.  

Since it’s connected directly to the air handler, the Ready Reset 2X can detect common operational problems. LED lights on the unit’s front alert you to the problems related to the compressor, piping, or water pump. From there, you determine if the issue can be addressed on your own or via an HVAC technician. 

Another benefit of the Ready Reset 2X is cost reductions related to the water-cooled AC unit. This goes beyond a reduction in utility bills as the automated HVAC process maintains proper temperature levels throughout the year. It also halts the need to hire someone to manually run the AC during the times when you aren’t there. 

Another return on investment of the Ready Reset 2X relates to the prevention of mold and mildew. Should there be an issue with the AC or someone doesn’t show up to run it, these items can grow throughout your residence. Not only on exterior surfaces but also inside walls. Several thousand dollars might need to be spent to clean these spaces as well as AC components infected by mold and mildew. 

Needless to say, you shouldn’t be without a Ready Reset 2X. To find out more information on this product by Complete Commercial Repair, reach out to one of our representatives. We’ll discuss your options to determine why it’s required in your high-rise location. Once installed and programmed, you gain an extra level of peace knowing your HVAC unit will continue to operate when you aren’t in Pompano Beach. 

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