The COMPLETE Team believes that there is no such thing as a problem that can't be solved. We provide all our customers a solution that meets their specific needs. Don't think it's possible? Take a moment to read some of our customer testimonials.

This is to thank you for all 23 years of impeccable service that Complete has provided us. Over those years, I have seen the hospital "try" to use other companies only to experience frustration. Complete has constantly met all of our repair needs and almost always on the first visit!! Complete is wonderful to work with because (1) they are honest and thorough, and (2) the breadth of repair work. They may be there for ice machines but will stop by the kitchen to be sure all is in working order prior to leaving. Many times they were able to catch a problem before it was disabling. I truly enjoy working with the guys at Complete they are clear in their diagnoses and capability, and are very professional.

Plantation General Hospital,

We use Complete for every piece of food equipment – gas and electric. They have been a great team to have. We have found them to be immediate in their response to our needs and effective in their repairs. We have not ever had a call back. They are very honest and are fair in their pricing. They are consistently excellent.

Broward Preparatory School ,