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Tips to Prevent Commercial Refrigeration Repair

If you’re a business owner who frequently uses refrigerators for their business, you likely know how difficult it can be for you to maintain refrigerators. Certain businesses use their commercial refrigerators much more often than others. Places like bakeries, restaurants and other food businesses are likely to use commercial refrigerators more often. Sales in places like these also depend on how fresh and clean their products are. 

To continue to meet customers’ demands, you may need to reduce the chances of a breakdown. Thus, you need to prevent scenarios that require commercial refrigeration repair. In the article below, we’ll give you some tips so you can increase the life of your fridge by preventing commercial refrigeration repair. 

1. Clean Your Fridges Thoroughly

Cleaning your fridge doesn’t just mean that you have to clean the outside. You have to clean the inside thoroughly too. You can’t delay this for too long either. You must clean out the entire fridge every couple of months. The staff doesn’t realize this, but they need to clean the cooling units so that the fridges can work efficiently. If there are any stains or spills on the inside, they might get frozen and affect the quality of the products inside the fridge. 

You should also ensure that there’s no extra moisture coming from anywhere in the fridge, as this needs to be wiped up and cleaned now and then. The floor beneath the fridge also requires a thorough cleaning as bacteria and microorganisms can accumulate here. These microorganisms and bacteria can contaminate any food you have in your fridge. Cleaning your fridge thoroughly also helps maintain your condenser coils. 

2. Maintain Your Condenser Coils

While cleaning your refrigerator, you may not think about cleaning your condenser coils. However, these are some of the most important parts that you need to clean. You should clean this component to avoid commercial refrigeration repair once in six months. However, if your feel like your components has gotten dirtier than usual, you can clean them earlier. You have to clean these coils whenever they get dirty, which depends on your frequency of use. You must check the freezer’s coils are clean and there isn’t any debris clogging up the coils. If there is debris, you may find that the evaporator is functioning out of greater capacity and might take longer to cool. If the evaporator is over-functioning, you may have to call in a technician since it may lead to overheating. 

3. Maintain the Tubing and Drain Pans 

Large commercial units have many different kinds of products going into them. The liquids and dirt from these products can lead to sludge and slime creation. The sludge or slime can cause units to freeze up, and they may no longer work. The sludge and slime are generally formed inside the tubing and draining pans. If you don’t clean up the tubing and drain pans, you will find that the accumulation leads to a stinky environment in the kitchen. For anyone working in the kitchen, this is less than appealing. If there is any clogging in the tubes, you may also find that the defrost system will overflow completely, and there will be a massive leakage on the floor. You’re going to have to spend a significant amount of time cleaning up the mess and airing out the nastiness. 

To stop these problems from occurring, you have to clean the tubing and the draining pans frequently. You can use vinegar and warm water to get rid of the awful smell. You should clean the sludge and slime-ridden parts at least once a month. Tubing should also be unclogged properly every few months so you can avoid any significant blockages from transpiring. 

4. Inspect the Gaskets or Seals

Gaskets or seals are what keep the refrigerator nice and cold. These gaskets and seals can break down over some time, so you may find that the fridge is no longer providing the service that you need. If gaskets become torn or ripped, you may find that external air can make its way into the fridge and will spoil any food in the process. This can be disastrous for restaurants, leading to an unmistakable loss. Not only will you lose all the food in the fridge, but you will also lose the sales for the day as you clamber to get ingredients in your next shipment.

Thus, you must check on the refrigerator door from all sides to ensure that the gasket will firmly seal in the cold air and protect your food. 


Commercial Refrigeration repair can be an expensive process which is why you should try your best to maintain your fridge as best as you can on your own. However, sometimes things can go wrong. When this happens, you can call Complete Commercial Repair, which has been in the business for 30 years, so they know what they’re doing. They understand the workings of commercial refrigeration and provide a great service. To learn more about the commercial refrigeration repair offered by Complete Commercial Repair, visit their website or call (954) 782-7778.

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