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Types of AC Duct Systems: Which One Is Best for Your Home?

What should you do if you need a duct system or your air conditioning but can’t decide which one to go with? Or are you trying to hire a professional to clean your air ducts but need to know what kind of ductwork you have in your house? We will walk you through the various types of systems and explain ventilation duct installation. You will also learn about HVAC duct installation services.

Flexible Ductwork

This type of ductwork is constructed from a metal wire coil with a flexible plastic coating laminated over it. In addition to having thermal insulation made of glass wool, the flexible air duct features thermal insulation made of other materials such as polyethylene or metalized PET (also known as metalized Mylar). The configuration of flexible ductwork is generally that of a cube, with no elbows or offsets present. If space in your home is limited, a flexible AC duct installation can save the day.

Structured Pipework

Rigid ductwork may be found in many forms, dimensions, and materials. The ventilation duct installation may be determined by the specifications of a rigid duct and may be altered to meet the client’s requirements. These ducts are sturdy, dependable, risk-free and long-lasting. Here are several kinds of rigid air ducts that are available.

Sheet Metal Ducts

Aluminum is favored over galvanized steel and other metals used in the production of this ducting due to its lower weight and greater simplicity of assembly. Galvanized steel is the more common material utilized. The most beneficial aspect of an AC duct installation is that it eliminates the risk of hazardous mold. This is because sheet metal and sheet plastic are nonporous, preventing decay in the air ducts.

Ducts That Are Lined With Fiberglass

Fiberglass can also be used to line rigid ducts if that’s the kind you have. These ducts are quite similar to ducts made of sheet metal; however, they are lined with fiberglass on the inside or wrapped in it. Air ducts lined with fiberglass insulation may reduce the noise your air conditioner produces.

Ducts Made of Fiberboard

Fiberglass that has been crushed and bound together with resin is the primary component of fiberboard, which is then laminated with a layer of foil. This lamination safeguards ducts from exposure to moisture. Since it is insulated, an air duct made of fiberboard is often the material of choice for heating and cooling systems. But much like air ducts coated with fiberglass, these air ducts should not be used for ventilation since they, too, can become a habitat for mold and germs.

Which of These Is the Most Appropriate?

Sheet metal is the form of air duct that is most suggested, even though several types of ductwork are available. This sort of air duct is nonporous, and as a result, it does not enable mold or bacteria to develop inside the air ducts. Installing sheet metal ducting is another way to avoid the possible health hazards of fiberglass air ducts. We can clean your duct system regularly so that you can maintain healthy indoor air quality. 

When you are looking for AC or ventilation duct installation, we have your back. We also specialize in HVAC duct installation services at an affordable price. Call Complete Commercial Repair, Inc. today!

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