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When Do I Need to Reset My AC Unit?

AC resets are almost like other appliances’ resets when they stop working. For instance, one moment, your laptop is functioning smoothly. The next, its screen hangs. What do you do? You restart it, of course. The same applies when ACs don’t turn on or start blowing warm and humid air.

If you’re here to know the signs and ways to reset your AC unit, you’ve stumbled on the perfect blog. We understand that resetting your HVAC system might sound daunting, but here’s something to help. Below, we mention the effective steps needed for an AC reset. Continue till the end to discover the best solution for avoiding frequent resets and making your lives easier!  

Signs You’re AC Unit Needs Resetting

There are two fundamental reasons for resetting your AC unit. Firstly, your air conditioner may not restart after a power outage. That’s a massive hassle because electricity fallouts are already significant nightmares during humid summers.

You may feel so thankful when the electricity’s back again because you can’t wait to feel the blast of chilly air from your perfectly working air conditioner. But a few minutes later, you start feeling even more stifled, and upon inspection, you discover that the A/C unit isn’t working. The chances are that the protection circuit breaker started after the energy outage to avoid explosions and fires. That’s when you know that you’ve got to reset your A/C unit.

Secondly, you may come home and start the air conditioner. While it would start running, you might notice hot and suffocating air coming out, instead of the crisp and pleasant one you imagined. In addition, regardless of how low you set the thermostat, the blower wouldn’t work efficiently no matter what. That’s yet another indicator that you need to reboot your air conditioning unit.

How to Reset You’re Air Conditioning Unit?

Generally, there’s a reset button on your AC unit, and you can press that for the reboot. The button is usually installed on the exterior of your air conditioner, near the bottom corners, and is painted red to be prominent and visible.

If your air conditioner doesn’t have a reset button on the exterior, you can check the interior behind the service panel. While you’re at it, don’t forget to first switch the power off by turning the circuit breaker off.

Some air conditioners don’t have a reset/reboot button. Unfortunately, if you’re one of these, you will need to reboot it manually. For that, you must first turn off the power supply to your air conditioning unit. Next, you need to turn the circuit breaker off to cut the energy supply to your air conditioner.

You must wait for around half an hour and then insert the plugs back into the AC. You must also ensure to set your thermostat to “cool.” Then, in order, you can turn on the circuit breaker and then the power supply.

Ready Reset 2x- The Best Solution Everyone Needs!

Resetting an AC unit in high-rise buildings can be complex when you need to shut the circuit breaker off. In addition, leaving for a trip or vacation with no one to reboot the air conditioner can be dangerous. Non-functioning air conditioners can grow mildew and mold that can be hazardous when you come back and open the condenser systems.

Lucky for you, Complete Commercial Repair offers the perfect fix for such instances. Our Ready Reset 2x is designed to provide reliable protection to your HVAC units. It automatically resets your air conditioning unit, saving you from manual reboots. This way, you can be away from your house for an extended time without fretting over mold and possible power outages.  

Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Repair, Pompano Beach, FL

If you want to install the Ready Reset 2x to your place, you can contact Complete Commercial Repair right away. As a professional AC service in Fort Lauderdale, our team offers neat and quick installation. Our qualified and experienced techs also specialize in other air conditioning services, including leak detection, repairs, and maintenance.

As experts in residential and commercial air conditioning repair in Pompano Beach, FL, we understand your requirements and offer optimal solutions. You can click on our website for further information or call (954) 782-7778 to schedule your Ready Reset 2x installation. Our A/C service, Fort Lauderdale, is available around the clock to serve you better.

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