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Who Offers The Best A/C Service in Pompano Beach

Established in 1982, Complete Commercial Repair continues to provide the best A/C service in Pompano Beach to both residential and commercial communities. They strive to resolve issues that range from the most basic to the most difficult, which has helped the business to continue growing.

With a well-known reputation, CCR employs only the best technicians the industry can provide. The employees are full of knowledge and training in the industry standards and are ACE-certified who remain dedicated to the customer. This tells the customer that they can expect service that is not often seen and on top of that a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Technician Requirements

The technicians at Complete Commercial Repair remain fully educated on the newest technology available and take part in courses involving the manufacturing of the industry’s equipment. This helps keep them up-to-date on their skills so that the highest quality service can be provided.

From a business standpoint, Complete Commercial Repair keeps its promise of timely work, being honest, and taking pride in every job they complete. Because of their extensive experience, they are able to supply the customer with the complete installation and maintenance they come to expect.

Being ACE-certified has allowed the technicians to acquire the needed education to be able to repair and maintain the air conditioners regardless of their size.

Along with the warm climate normally felt around the Pompano Beach area, the air conditioners experience more work, which may then need maintenance and eventual repair. In order to recognize when your A/C unit will need maintenance, you should identify the signs shown when a repair may need to occur.

Leaking refrigerant

Having a leaking refrigerant is never a good sign for an A/C unit. This could lead to overheating of the unit and could cause the unit to fail prematurely.

Improper maintenance of the unit

This can be avoided by replacing the filters routinely and ensuring they are clean. By improperly maintaining the A/C unit, you will eventually need to clean the coils. If they are not maintained, then you will experience compressor malfunction.

Failure of the Electric Control

With frequent use of the ac unit, the fan and compressor will eventually fail. When the terminals and wires become corroded, you will see more electrical problems, which a professional in the Residential AC Service can easily address.

Thermostat malfunction

The thermostat sensor is what measures the inside temperature. When its sensor is bad the unit will not function correctly.

Drain clogs

Because of a high amount of humidity, the drain for the condensate could become saturated, which will eventually clog.

Commercial Services

From a commercial standpoint, Complete Commercial Repair is able to provide the best commercial A/C service in Pompano Beach. They make it their priority to have issues resolved quickly and efficiently to decrease the amount of time an A/C unit is not functioning.

By having Complete Commercial Repair provide your air conditioner service, you will get the best maintenance with the latest technology and equipment.

A few of the residential A/C services in Pompano Beach that are offered include the following:

  • parts replacement
  • AC installation
  • Ice maker maintenance
  • Design and installation of duct
  • Fiberglass parts

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